"Fear" enveloped Bitcoin as market sentiment fell to its lowest level

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Bitcoin and altcoin traders are now more nervous than at any time in over a year as a sentiment gauge signaling “fear” is pervading the market.

The historic March of 3 repeats itself

If the stock market can withstand a global pandemic, I am sure that Bitcoin can survive a tweet

Fear & Greed uses a range of factors to determine the key sentiment of market participants – and thus predict where the market is headed.

Bitcoin tries to get back to 'business as usual'

Price movements can produce significant swings in the indices – just four days ago on May 10, the Index measured 5/72, which corresponds to “greed” at the heart of sentiment.

Dogecoin has been running stably and the rules of the network have not changed in a way that could pose a risk

Dogecoin lacks technical development

Analysts have highlighted signs of Bitcoin's recovery, while certain large-cap cryptocurrencies have avoid the drop catastrophic.

  • 10,000 new DOGEs are released every minute
  • 14,4 million new DOGEs are released every day
  • 5,2 billion new DOGEs are released every year

At the same time, stablecoin balances on exchanges continue their own upward trend, providing huge liquidity if the bull phase returns to the crypto market.

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