5 common mistakes of a failed investor

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Inflation is the silent enemy that steals the fruits of your labor, causing you to lose money day in and day out without you even noticing. This was true long before the COVID-19 pandemic we are experiencing...

A good way to not be swayed by emotions

To combat the devastating effects of this pandemic, the world's major central banks have printed more than $12 trillion. More than 25% of the US dollars in circulation as of May 5 have only been “printed” in the past 2021 months.

  • Need to define a clear investment plan
  • Need to be disciplined in trading
  • Being consistent in your investments
  • Managing your risks appropriately

The massive currency inflation

To beat the impact of currency inflation, you'll have to find investments that will allow you to turn $1.000 in August 8 into $1971 in May 6.540. Six times that increase but you're only Protect your purchasing power.

Patience is the key to making money on investments

Suffering the disastrous consequences of currency inflation.

So investing is something you have to do. You don't have to be a genius to profit from the stock market or cryptocurrency. Now I will explain why 99% of people who invest will fail.

This will teach you how to be one of the 1% of successful investors. This advice applies to whatever field you're aiming to target.

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