The top-10 bitcoin mining pools have signaled for taproot

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Although and Binance Pool have signaled at least one block, considers the most recent block when accounting for a pool, so these pools may be presented as not signaling on

Taking action to protect the fruits of your labor is essential

At the time of writing, 77.74 percent of the Bitcoin network’s hash rate and 64.63 percent of blocks are currently signaling support for the activation of the protocol upgrade.

  • Lack of risk management
  • Uncontrollable emotions
  • There is no consistency
  • Without knowledge

Time in the market always beats timing the market

Speedy Trial, a variation of BIP9 version bits described in BIP341, is a soft fork deployment method in which miners help coordinate the upgrade by signaling support in their mined blocks. 

Timing the market or Market Timing is an investment school that tries to beat the market by predicting its movements

With essential improvements to the Bitcoin base layer, Taproot is highly anticipated. It will include privacy and cost benefits and pave the way for further improvements to be implemented in multi-signature wallets, the Lightning Network.

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